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Top manager, consulting company, Moscow

In the life-long process of accumulating our versatile experience, we sometimes have to stop and think: What’s next? We see many ways ahead of us but we don’t know which of them will be best for us. I have come exactly to this cross-roads in my life and I realized that I need professional help of a good coach in order to set my goals, to adjust the benchmarks and to understand how to handle difficult situations. You may have read many books, you may think that you can cope yourself - because you know a lot and have a lot of skills – yes, that’s right. But no learning can substitute an individual course with a professional coach. I highly recommend coaching to all who have encountered an obstacle on their way forward and to all who are constantly in the process of self-development. The tools and methods used by Ekaterina Vilenkina are based not so much on theory, but mostly on rich and versatile personal experience, common sense and, of course, on the best modern practices in this area.


Top manager, bank, Moscow

Ekaterina has helped me when I had a difficult period in my life, when I was going through a conflict at work that was tightly interwoven with a personal relationship. She asked me powerful questions and we did exercises that gave me deep insight into the core of the conflict. I managed to understand the positions of all the conflict parties, to separate the substantial from the superficial, to correctly prioritize, to determine my own position and define the best approach. Aside from the result, the coaching process was in itself very interesting – I was urged to analyze and understand the positions of all the parties, to separate the principal facts from the less important ones, and to determine the most effective way to resolve this problem.


Sustainability Manager in environment control, Milan

Ekaterina is very intuitive in the overall coaching process; and she holds a safe and secure space for her client to think and reflect about what can be the best answer. Ekaterina allows the coaching process to flow freely and naturally; she uses her coaching approach, tools and exercises very well by adapting them to each session, and also to each client and theirs goals. As a result of coaching with Ekaterina, I have more inspiration about how to use neuro-linguistic programming and multi-dimensional processes to support my clients in developing their behavioral competence and thinking in order to enhance professional development and personal performance.


Manager, consulting company, Moscow

Ekaterina has re-directed my life to a completely new path! Already at the first session she helped me to sort out my priorities in life, by asking the right questions she taught me to look at things from a different perspective and to understand what I really want. She inspired me to set new goals, she used interesting case studies that helped me to understand my fears, to get rid of the tasks that I actually didn’t need, she showed me new skills of decision making, time management and self-structuring. She also taught me to understand my emotions which helps me every day to communicate better with people. I am so grateful to Ekaterina! I plan to continue with coaching!