Vita Nostra - Coaching
Ekaterina Vilenkina

I am a business trainer, coach and NLP Master Practitioner. My previous managerial experience in finance, client relationship and human resources in renowned international companies, e.g. Arthur Andersen, Deutsche Bank, HSBC Bank, allows me to understand my client in depth.


I am a member of International Coach Federation (ICF) and I follow it’s principles and standards in coaching. For more details about coaching go to

You can reach your targets without coaching of course, but you may not be able to get the best result and you will certainly spend more time and effort on that. (You don’t treat your teeth yourself, don’t you? What would be the result if you did?)

Specifically I help my clients to:

  • Find a solution for an “insoluble” task
  • Choose the best way out of many
  • Break out from a “vicious circle”
  • Determine which of your values are most important for you
  • Move toward your goals even when the going gets tough
  • Understand why the other person has acted this way and what to do about it
  • Discover your hidden resources and learn how to use them

and overall to

  • shift to a more resourceful place.

When I work on the basis of a corporate contract I fulfil the tasks agreed upon with the company’s management.


Business tranings

I currently develop and deliver trainings for a very special project – Dialogue in the Dark.

A few words about the concept. All Dialogue in the Dark workshops are based on a module (or modules) in complete darkness, where the participants do a series of exercises. This is done with a purpose – in extreme conditions, being incapable to use eyesight, which is the most important source of incoming information, the participants are driven to change their habitual ways of interaction and communication and demonstrate their hidden resources, weaknesses and strengths. The situation actually moderates crisis. Moreover, darkness provides a strong emotional impact and the results of the training are stored in long-term memory for many years (proven by scientific research). This training structure is perfect for all soft skills, in particular: efficient interaction and communication, leadership, stress management, crisis management, selling skills, etc.

Among my clients are:

MARS, Saint Gobain, ONEY BANK, KPMG, Moscow Exchange, Volvo, BDO, Silverhof, British American Tobacco, OBI, Hellmann, Rieckermann,Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Unilever, Weatherford, Hasbro, etc.