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Books for use and pleasure

S.S. M.Yu. Dyachenko

Vita Nostra

Ivan Kirillov

Stress Surfing

Positive Psychotherapy in Progress
(Part 1. Theoretical Reflections)

W. Timothy Gallwey

The Inner Game of Tennis

Inner tennis : playing the game

Inner Game of Winning

The Inner Game of Work

The Inner Game of Stress: Outsmart Life's Challenges, Fulfill Your Potential, Enjoy Yourself. David R Hawkins. Power versus force

David R. Hawkins

Power versus force

Piero Ferrucci

What we may be

Inevitable Grace

Patricia Churchland

Touching a nerve

Dennis Genpo Merzel

Big Mind, big heart

Byron Katie

Loving what is

Michael Carroll

Awake at Work

Wibo Koole

The Mindful leader

Sonya Lyubromirsky

The How of Happiness

Chogrum Trungpa

Training the Mind

The Myth of Freedom

Akong Tulka Rinpoche

Taming the Tiger

Pema Chodron

Start where you are at

No time to lose

The Wisdom of no escape

Robert Assagioli

Transpersonal Development

Max Landsberg

The Tao of Coaching

The Arbinger Institute

Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box

Eric Berne

Games People Play - The Psychology of Human Relationships